Lompico‘s Guardians: Clearing Fuels, Reviving Trails

June 24, 2024 • Lompico Pond Workday

Over a dozen volunteers participated in the fourth cleanup event at Lompico Pond on Saturday, June 24th. Volunteers were divided into three groups on this unmaintained county-owned parcel for trail maintenance, invasive species removal, and fuel maintenance activities. To date, volunteers on this project have:

  • Removed all of the invasive French Broom
  • Removed most of the vinca/periwinkle along Lakeshore Drive
  • Cleared ladder fuel in several stands of redwood trees
  • Mulched areas needing soil remediation utilizing material from fuel maintenance
  • Trimmed vegetation along the existing trail and removed storm-related debris
  • Began remediation strategy to remove several large patches of invasive Himalayan blackberry

Lompico Pond volunteer days are the last Saturday of every month from 10 am to noon.

Lompico Pond Volunteer Workdays

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