Erosion Control Enhances Lompico Pond Revival

January 27, 2024 • Lompico Pond Workday

The Lompico Pond Restoration kicked off the new year with over a dozen volunteers on Saturday, January 27. We were welcomed by a flock of turkeys who monitored our progress for about a half hour! Because of the heavy rains, the pond is very full, and a small portion of the trail that circles the pond was flooded. As a result, our intrepid volunteers focused primarily on the higher ground on the western side of the pond. Our focus was on three areas:

1. Erosion control - several volunteers used logs, rocks, and branches from on-site to fill an area incised by road runoff. This is a good way to capture sediment and “slow it, sink it, spread it.”

Slow It, Sink It, Spread It: A Homeowner’s Guide to Turning Runoff into a Resource

Source: Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County

(view pdf)

2. Cleaning up the "suckers" at the base of redwood trees. This reduces ladder fuels and helps keep the parent trees healthy, especially under dry conditions. The cuttings are then used as mulch on-site.

3. Removing invasive species such as French broom and vinca from the future picnic area. This opens up the space for natives, providing a healthier habitat for insects, birds, and other local natives.

We will continue this work (weather permitting) on Saturday,  February 24, at 10 am.

Jenni Gomez clears French broom
Jenni Gomez clears invasive French broom
A flooded portion of the trail.
A flooded portion of the trail
Erosion Control
Erosion control

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