The San Lorenzo Valley

We can preserve
Riparian Corridor
Heal the
With a native habitat in your backyard
Create a Sanctuary

Protecting Our Watershed

The San Lorenzo Valley watershed originates in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Castle Rock State Park and is a major source of water for the city of Santa Cruz as well as important coho salmon and steelhead trout habitat. Our efforts directly support this native fishery and the health of the watershed throughout the SLV.

Restoring Native Habitat

English ivy, vinca, and Himalayan blackberry are invasive, non-native plants. The San Lorenzo Valley Restoration Project removes invasive growth, expands native habitat corridors on public lands, and teaches skills for homeowners so that native plants and wildlife thrive.

Involving the Community

Everyone is invited to become involved in restoring riparian habitat, from private backyards to public parks. The San Lorenzo Valley Restoration Project provides online tools that identify and define the steps needed to take an active role in improving the health of our watershed.


Hours Worked with AmeriCorps Teams


Blackberry Crowns Removed


Acres Public Lands Restoration Work

Remove Invasives, Reveal Natives
and Restore the Natural Habitat

Join the Community Effort!

The Daily Dirt

Jane Mio and the Downtown Streets Team

Meet Jane Mio

Jane Mio is Co-chair of the VWC’s Native Habitat Restoration Committee and the Project Director of the San Lorenzo River Estuary Re-vegetation Project. Jane has been a Santa Cruz resident for 50 years, and during that time, she has been a committed and active environmentalist and steward focused on the San Lorenzo River. As Fisheries Biologist…

Our Native Habitat in Action

Set in the redwood forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this video is about the life cycle of the California Hazel throughout the year. It includes shots of its own special flowers and catkins as well as various other forest wild flowers. Steller’s Jays and Grey Squirrels are also seen eating the nutritious nuts. Video: Fred & Roberta McPherson.

Plant California Poppies!

Did you get California Poppy seeds at one of our events? Learn all about these natives and how to plant them.

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