E. Improving Soil Structure

The creation of a healthy habitat for native plants is dependent on the soil conditions and your microclimate. Ideally, the soil should be full of microbes and nutrients and hold moisture for native plants.  

  • Weaving the land. As trees self-prune, the fallen twigs and branches provide material to build the soil. A matrix of crisscrossing branches and layers of duff hold moisture and let air in as the organic matter breaks down, creating a rich humus. This weaving also prevents erosion. (link to another page with photos of the weaving process in more detail)
  • Let the leaf litter rot. Everything you need for great soil is on your own land. No raking needed. A native habitat will become low maintenance after the initial restoration.

The San Lorenzo Valley Native Habitat Restoration Program integrates environmental and community needs to restore the riparian habitat and ensure the ongoing health and beauty of the watershed.

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